Blackout Blinds

Take control over the bright sunlight with the stylish blackout blinds from Curtains Dubai. The higher insulation property of these blinds makes them more energy efficient. And if you are into privacy, there is no better option than a blackout blind as it prevents anything from being viewed into your space from outside. With no further thought, we can assure you that our blackouts offer a room darkening solution and are ideal for spaces that need a blackout effect. These include conference halls, board rooms, or even entertainment areas. And the cinescreen variant of our blackout blinds used for screen protection instantly transforms your room spaces into a home theatre.

Blackout blinds are the ultimate answer for the ones who need extreme privacy or perfect darkness in their bedroom space for a sound sleep even during the daytime. The foam-backed blackout blinds are made of opaque fabric thus helps in blocking the light coming through your windows thus giving a cozy feeling similar to a luxury hotel room.

Blackout blinds are designed in such a way that they reflect the UV rays that hit on them and hence prevent solar light from entering the room.

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