Essential Guide to Curtains Dubai


Interior makeovers are quite important in today's circumstances. People nowadays prefer to create a lovely and cosy atmosphere in their houses, encouraging them to invest more time with loved ones. For this reason, many of us have opted to give our interiors the finest makeover possible so that spending quality time indoors becomes more delightful. When it comes to interior design, window treatments are fundamental because it is via our windows that we witness the happenings of the outside world. A window opens to a world of hope beyond the homes, and hence embellishing it is more like enhancing our own perspectives.

As a result, eye-catching curtain and blind designs that integrates contemporary curtain styles have become an important aspect of the interior makeover. Curtains Dubai keeps up with the evolving fashion trends in the curtains and blinds Dubai sector. This blog from Curtains Dubai serves as a resource for our customers by introducing the latest window treatment trends.

Here we list out the key features that are to be taken care of while purchasing and installing curtains and blinds for your room spaces.

The Precise Measurement

This is the most significant factor in deciding the effectiveness of made-to-measure window treatments. It's pointless to hang a custom curtain if the proportions are inaccurate. The length should be about perfect, not too short or too lengthy. Even the fullness should be balanced, with neither too much nor too little fullness. Because each window needs a varying length of curtains and blinds, dependent on the configuration of the curtain and the window size, curtain sizes cannot be standardised. It can be positioned above a window sill or radiator or pooled on the floor for a sumptuous impression. To avoid risk and ensure a precisely customised bespoke window drapery, it is usually advisable to take the greater accuracy and reliability with the help of an expert.

Right Header Style

The way curtains are hung from poles or tracks determines their aesthetic attractiveness. It's termed heading, and Curtains Dubai offers four different options.

  • Heading with eyelets
  • Headings with Pinch Pleats
  • Wave Headings
  • Headings for Pencil and Deep Pencil Pleats

The Fullness of Curtains and Blinds

The width of the curtains and blinds Dubai fabric that hangs on the track or pole is referred to as curtain fullness. The curtain's fullness is what gives the curtain its desired impressive appearance.

If your curtain rod is one metre long and your fabric is one metre long, the curtain fullness is one, and it will appear stiff or stretched when dragged across the window. If you have two metres of curtain fabric on a one-metre curtain pole/ track, the fullness is two, and the effect is more easy flowing and volumized appeal.

The fullness of the curtain varies according to the type of header and fabric and the colour of the drape. Thin voile sheer curtains, for example, necessitate more fabric for a fuller effect compared to thick velvet or chenille, which offers a dramatically heavy look with just a little curtain fabric.

Curtain Hanging Height

The height at which drapes are hung can be determined based on the size of the room and the purpose of the curtains. For a wider look, the curtains can be secured several inches above the top of the window frame and left to dangle on the floor. It creates a warm and inviting interior environment. However, if the interior is already full of furnishing and a not so long drapery is required, we can choose a roller or roman blind that fits well into the window sill.

Linings for Curtains

Curtains Dubai suggests a standard curtain lining for a magnificent and comprehensive look. We provide our Curtains and Blinds Dubai collection with a thermal curtain lining for the tropical climate to insulate the room and keep the heat out. Alternatively, you can use a blackout curtain lining to keep the outside light out of the room.

Curtain Layering

You can overlay a drape with another curtain or a blind for an enhanced effect with effective functionality. This provides both attractiveness and optimum functionality. When you combine a Roman blind with an artistically patterned curtain, you get a stunning look and ultimate privacy added with thermal and sound insulation; their textures and patterns work together to give a sense of depth. Pair a light-coloured voile sheer curtain with a dark-coloured outer easy wave curtain for a spectacular window treatment. The light voile and a fuller curtain look stunning, giving the window a delicate and smooth finish.

Accessories for Curtains

The accessories you select are just as significant as the fabric of your curtains. For an attractive finish, you'll need the right accessories to complement your chosen clothes. You can approach the Curtains Dubai customer support team to assist you in choosing the ideal poles and tracks for your curtains.

Precision in Installation

The curtain installation is something that should be taken very seriously. Days of dedicated hard work in the Curtains Dubai workshop go into creating a unique curtain loved by all. Everything is done with caution and precision, from the fabric to design selection and implementation. If the curtain isn't correctly installed, all of your efforts will be nought. The ultimate appearance of a drape is always determined by its precise fit.

The beauty of your handcrafted curtain is destroyed by a slightly uneven pole or tieback set at different heights. So, when it comes to curtain installation, always go with reputable company service or instruction.

For the greatest experience, you can always rely on the Curtains Dubai personnel, experts in every aspect of window decoration.