Motorized Blinds

Everything else in your life is automated, then why not your window and door blinds? Make your life easier with smart blind technology from Curtains Dubai!

Motorized blinds which were considered as an extravagant luxury at the beginning of the century have become mainstream and budget-friendly to install in any area as it offers a timeless and worth the amount of appeal and functionality.

Curtains Dubai provides motorization for most types of window treatments including vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, and many others.

Motorized Blinds from Hillarys Motorized Blinds from Hillarys

Like any other automated product, your electric blinds can be connected to home or building automation systems, or are available with stand-alone automation. These smart blinds can be controlled by small wall switches, hand-held transmitters, or even automatic sensors. We can set different scenes with automation during different times of day and night, in short, with a single press on a button or even with a single voice command, we can change the mood of the room! Not just within the room, you can control your smart blind in your home or office spaces from anywhere on the globe.

Blind motorization can be made available for the independent windows or the entire blind system at your homes or offices. Above all other features, the key advantage of an electric blind is that it is certified safe for kids as it is free from blind cords, thereby making it the safest choice for kids and pets.

If you planning to install a motorized blind, it is always advisable to contact us during the commencement of the renovation work so that we can make all the necessary arrangements to make the window more appealing.

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