Tips to Consider When Buying Made to Measure Curtains from Curtains Dubai!

Tips to Consider When Buying Made to Measure Curtains from Curtains Dubai!

Looking to replace existing curtains in your home or buying new curtains for your new home? Well, shop at Curtain Dubai offering an incredible line up of the finest window coverings at the right price! Besides adding elegance and spaciousness to your space, the right window treatment can actually insulate your home, making it energy efficient and reducing heating costs. The carefully selected colours, fabrics and the stunning curtain make the rooms cosy, stylish and well decorated.

What Steps Should I Take To Select The Ideal Curtain Fabric?

The right fabric depends on the type of room you`re decorating. Silk, linen and velvet fabrics will hang best and enhance the aesthetics of any room. The way it hangs flawlessly is the way it drapes in your living space. In sunny spaces where privacy is not a priority, light-permeable linens and silks are suitable such as in living rooms and kitchens. It is also to be noted that the Faux silk does not fade or deteriorate as quickly as real silk.

What Is The Best Lining For Curtains?

A thick felt material interlining can be used to add insulation to any fabric. The lining and interlining gives fullness and volume to the curtain. Generally, standard and blackout lined fabrics are used. A high quality lining protects the fabric and improves the drape of the curtain. Blackout lining is recommended if you want to block glare from the sun and minimise heat loss. This prevents any light passing through the fabric at all. Most fabrics do look better with padding. The interlining provides another layer of fabric between the surface and the lining of the fabric to create a more luxurious finish. The use of interlining makes the curtains fuller, with rounded and luxurious folds, and also helps keep out the cold drafts. The interlining comes in a variety of weights, but the manufacturer has the right choice for fabric selection. Curtain Dubai provides you with the right fabric of your choice.


If you are hanging the curtains in a sunny room, bright colours may not be wise since they tend to fade the fastest. Pick a colour that will highlight the patterns in your space without being overly coordinated. Look for something that is similar to your wall-colour from Curtains Dubai, but in a slightly lighter or darker shade. Neutral colours are the least faded of any other colour and preferred by most of our clients visiting Curtains Dubai. At the end if you desire to complement your living space to peak perfection, choose a fabric that matches furniture, walls, or floors if desired.


Hanging the curtains high on the wall will make the window appear larger. At least 6 inches away from the window frame. It is recommended to increase the width of the side windows by 10-20 cm so that more glass is visible when the curtains are opened. For a draped look, the curtain should be twice the width of the window. For something more customised, the curtain panel should be only 2 inches wider than the window.


Made to measure curtains from Curtain Dubai offer a variety of design options according to the size, shape of the window and the colour of the room. A plethora of patterns are available in a variety of design options and curtains can be stitched to match individual requirements. Custom-made curtains are a little more expensive, but replacing them early can save you money in the end.