Our Environment-Friendly Fabrics

It is rare to see a well-lived home with its left-free window treatment. They might surely be covered in panels of fabrics. Curtains and Drapes came into existence about centuries ago. So a common question that arises is how a most tried and true window treatment can still bring updates and trends rather than staying boring and basic?.

But the fact is there is a day-to-day update in the trends of window treatment most of which is achieved by the fabric used.

The fabric texture of your window curtains and blinds has a greater influence on your home’s overall appearance and how satisfied and comfortable you are with it. To achieve a more natural look, eco-friendly fabrics like linen fabrics are always the best choice. The advantage of having it is that it never goes outdated.


Curtains DubaiNude Eco Sustainable Curtain Fabrics Curtains DubaiNude Eco Sustainable Curtain Fabrics

Fabric Collections

Curtains DubaiCotton Twill Sustainable Curtains

Cotton Twill is a popular weave pattern that is supersoft brushed fabric characterised by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. The closely packed yarns result in a strong and thick fabric that is durable. It is available in a variety of classic colours making it the perfect fabric for curtains or blinds.

Curtains DubaiBlue Topaz Velvet Sustainable Curtains

This supersoft smooth fabric is made in a pile weave of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibres that make it soft and sumptuous to touch. The soft downy surface of velvet is formed by clipped yarns. We have a range of classic neutrals, jewel tones and contemporary blush colours to velvet available.

Curtains DubaiWhite & Washed Teal Blue Linton Linen Curtains

Linen fabrics offer the perfect balance between billowy and tailored. This natural eco-friendly fabric blends a range of soft calming colours enhanced with rich earth tones. This delicate fabric is best for contemporary homes.

Curtains DubaiMeditate Blue & Smoked Silver Grey Recycled Polyester Revive Curtains

Revive is a fabric that is inspired by the natural pigments in traditional vegetable dyes. It is a fabric of the future as this is made from recycled plastic bottles that are woven to create a natural feel fabric. No wonder, this sustainable fabric became a real conversation starter.

Curtains DubaiPollen Yellow Flax Sustainable Curtains

Very similar to linen, Flax is a versatile fabric that blends the colours for added depth. Flax yarns are derived from the flax plants and are spun with sustainable wool and then woven into long comfortable and durable sheets.

Curtains DubaiCalypso Red Sustainable Wool Curtains

Made from the fleece of animals, this natural fibre is a pressed finish fabric offered in an infinite range of colours and is sustainable. Wool is remarkably elastic and is sleek with a super soft feel. This curtain drapes the windows like a well-tailored suit.

Curtains DubaiAntique Green Upcycled Silk Sustainable Curtains

Upcycled silk has a subtle three-toned tweed effect. It has a vibrant enchanting fabric texture. This recycled silk fabric gives a magnificently soft and luxurious feel to your windows.

Curtains DubaiJute Green Brown & Water Blue Hemp SustainableCurtains

Hemp has a natural lustre and is stronger and more durable. This homegrown, feel-good fabric adds a rugged elegance to your rooms and has greater abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

Curtains DubaiGunmetal Grey & Pearl White Silk Curtains

Silk which is commonly used in a formal setting adds a luxurious appearance to your windows. This natural material is a glamorous smooth fabric that glides like a river. Offered in classic tones, it effortlessly adds luxury to your curtain.

Curtains DubaiMidnight Purple Cotton Weave Curtains

Cotton weave fabric has a collection of vibrant and subtle tones that create a perfectly bold statement.

Curtains DubaiClassic Transparent White Roller Blinds

It has a flexible range of neutral coloured fabric that compliments any interior.

Curtains DubaiPlain Nudes White Cotton & Linen Curtains

A refined range of fabric with subtle character composed of cotton and linen texture characterised for a natural finish and relaxed feel.

Curtains DubaiSleep Blackout Curtains

This comfy curtain fabric is particularly for night shift workers as it easily turns the room ambience into night easily.

Ian Mankin Curtains Dubai Stripe Pattern Curtains

Perfect for a relaxed and formal living space with its ticking stripes.

Curtains DubaiSheer Curtains

A lightweight linen fabric designed in such a way that it lets light in with no compromise in privacy.

Curtains DubaiOceana Roller Blind

A conservative fabric made of 100% recycled plastic. It is a semi-transparent roller fabric that ensures privacy even while allowing light streams through windows.

Fabric Comparison Chart

We want to be completely transparent about our fabrics and their eco credentials, so we have put together a simple comparison chart which includes our full fabric range including linings. Each eco criteria is outlined below.


Natural Fibre - Natural fibre refers to the perfectly breathable fabric made of natural fibres that are extracted from plants or other bio sources. The main criteria in being referred to as a natural fibre are that the fabric must be biodegradable and should be derived from rapidly renewable environmentally sensitive sources. This feature rules out certain natural fabrics that undergo synthetic and non-eco-friendly extraction processes. Synthetic fibres on the other hand use significant energy and generate chemical waste in production.

Recycled - This fabric mainly aims to reduce the consumption of new materials and resources and hence is made from salvaged materials.

Locally Milled - Fabric is milled in our city and is directly shipped to the Curtains Dubai workshop. This reduces the overall carbon footprint and minimises fabric waste and above all helps support local industry.

Rapidly Renewable - This type of fabric is woven naturally from rapidly regenerating natural fibres without disturbing the ecology.

Low Waste - Minimal wastage of every resource including the raw materials, water and energy consumption during the production of fabric.

Low Toxins - There are no harmful chemicals exhaled during the fibre extrusion and dyeing process. And the finalised fabric product emits little VOCs.

What is a VOC? VOCs are organic chemicals that evaporate even under normal conditions thus intoxicating our interiors. These are actually the by-product of chemicals used in the manufacture of some household products, furnishings and paints. A high level of VOC is hazardous to health along with its contribution to global warming and climatic changes.

Eco Certified - Fabrics that have sustainable fabric certification from UAE Commission. Environmental performance is determined by considering the impact of fabric throughout its lifecycle.

Any other questions?

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