Handmade Poles and Tracks

We have a range of exclusive handmade, simple, yet stylish poles and tracks made by the highly efficient workers from our workshops who are devoted to their works. Because it is not just the curtain or blind, but strong and appealing tracks and poles are necessary for the best window treatment. Glance into our exclusive handmade collections of poles and tracks!

Our Curtain Poles Collection

Curtains Dubai have a collection of precise and classy curtain poles. We have a collection of both metal and wooden poles. Three powder-coated finishes of metal poles including the gunmetal, chrome and bronze are custom made by our workers. In addition, we also provide 5 variants; Matt Black, White, Antique, Pine, Natural Mahagony and Ivory Woodwash, of custom-made wooden poles. If you need to know more about our products, feel free to contact our professionals.



Available in sizes up to 4.8m


Available in sizes up to 4.8m.


Available in sizes up to 4.8m.

Our Curtain Track Collection

Curtains Dubai has a collection of elegant and sophisticated curtain tracks that are available at any length. We specialize in customizing aluminium tracks of 3 powder-coated finishes; White, Ash, and Slate with holding on to smooth running gliders efficiently. To know more about tracks, you can contact our hospitable customer service team who helps you with the necessary information.

Hang your curtains in perfect alignment with our stupendous poles and tracks to give an impressive makeover to your windows…..

Curtains Dubaitracks
Curtains Dubaitracks

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Poles and Tracks FAQs

Can I cut your curtain poles/tracks at home?

Yes - all of our curtain poles/tracks can be easily calibrated and adjusted as per your needs. Use a hack saw to cut a metal pole whereas a fine-tooth wooden saw for wooden poles.

Are curtain poles fixable to the ceilings available?

Yes, we can make arrangements for fixing your poles to the ceilings of your room space. If you still have further questions regarding this, feel free to send a photo of your window, which helps us in easily understanding your window treatment, and this helps us in determining whether you need ceiling fix brackets. Contact us

Can I get tracks that can be fixed to the ceiling?

Yes, Just inform us with a message about this requirement soon after placing an order for your track, we’ll pre-drill holes in it so that you can easily fix it in the ceiling.

How far can a curtain pole span without support?

About 240 cm, provided a third-rod bracket as a centre support is provided and it is mandatory. It is being said that a 2 inch or 3-inch pole may have the ability to span a distance up to a full 12 feet without flexing or bowing using two-end brackets.

How do I join curtain poles which are supplied in two lengths to make a single long pole?

We supply a joiner for all the poles and tracks that come in 2 pieces. Following our manual with easy instructions the joiner can be easily inserted into the middle of the pole or track.