Art & Artefacts

What is a home without art, whatever the budget? As art is subjective, as long as you frame and hang a piece properly, don’t be afraid to get creative. Apart from the more obvious two-dimensional options, we’ll show you some more tactile and sculptural objects to elevate your space and let your home reflect your personality.

Mix & Match

In this entrance, the more contemporary and graphic piece pops out from the darker blue wall and contrasts the hand-painted more antique looking piece of furniture below. A modern lamp and an antique vase in colours picked from the picture reinforce the merging of styles. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new!

Gallery Wall

When it comes to those precious family photographs or pieces of art, think about curating one or two walls to hold the lot. The trick is finding one or two elements that remain consistent in each framed piece. You could focus on the same frame, the same card mount or even a similar colour-pallette like black & white or pastels.

Objet d’Art

Sculptures should not be overlooked when decorating your home. They are powerful three-dimensional objects that are tactile and multi-faceted. Shelves are a great place to showcase your finds. It’s important to think about how all the pieces will look from afar. Scale and texture are great places to start and if you have space, a small lamp or candle looks wonderful at night.


Seeing art in unexpected places can turn the mundane into something exciting. Bathrooms and toilets aren’t the first places you’d think about art but you can really pack a whole lot of personality into a small space…especially since the cloakroom is the most visited room by guests.

In Disguise

Sometimes you just don’t have the space for a TV stand and it requires mounting. Rather than making a feature of the TV itself, why not camouflage it with art?

A Collection

Do you have an obsession or hobby whether that be instruments, plates, baskets or even hats? Why not showcase what you love on a wall? Try creating patterns or arranging the collection in a certain shape. If you use these items often then think about using hooks rather than nails.


In addition to custom made blinds or custom made curtains, standing screens can be works of art in themselves. They can be as ornate or as simple as you’d like but they are fabulous at adding to the wow-factor in a bathroom and provide additional privacy to boot.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is definitely the most impactful way to add your stamp to your home. Whether it be a picture light over your art, a table lamp, pendant or standing lamp, don’t be shy of interesting shapes and forms. They are beautiful as well as practical and change when day turns into night.

Remember, where you place your art doesn’t have to be permanent. It’s something that can be done over time and is interchangeable. What’s your first piece going to be?