Choosing An Area Rug

One of the best ways to tie a room together is to choose a beautiful rug. It can either be the first or final element that picks up on various aspects and colours of your room. With so many sizes and textures, you can totally change the whole space with just one rug.

Making an Entrance

Why not go bold in your entrance? Make an impression with an antique rug or runner for that wow-factor. After all, it is the room with the most footfall.

Go Big

When it comes to larger spaces, a large area rug makes a grand space seem more intimate. An abstract design allows you to add an element of creativity and colour more quietly and less busily. Don’t forget to pick out one of the rug colours and have custom made blinds to match.

Magic A Room

Rugs are great to give definition to spaces that are either open-plan or transitional. By adding a circular rug under a round dining table, you also make the table a focal point as well as create a flow around the table. You can do the same with a circular entrance table.


Who says you can’t have it all? By layering two rugs on top of each other, you add texture and an element of fun. Make sure that you choose two different rugs of varying composition that complement each other with the bottom rug larger than the top.

One Direction

By choosing a stripe that runs in a specific direction, you automatically trick the eye into thinking the room is longer than it is. In less private spaces, picking a sheer curtain fabric that picks up on a neutral colour in the rug, let’s the stripes do all the talking.

Go Natural

There is something so wholesome about woven or sisal rugs. They have a weave that can be delicate or distinct and give a slightly rustic touch.

Be Bold

Choosing an Oriental style rug can bring so much depth and pattern into play. By selecting one colour from the rug and painting the entire room in that colour, you can really make your space feel cocooning. The addition of custom made blinds in the same colour as the walls, adds to the enveloping space.

Cover All Grounds

A tiny bedroom certainly does not deserve a tiny rug. In fact, a larger rug that nearly covers the entire floor makes a small room seem so much larger.

Keep Calm

If your style is more contemporary or you are looking to calm a space down, a single colour rug can do just the trick. When working with one colour, make sure you choose a rug with plenty of texture or a heavy pile for that plush feeling under your feet. It’s important to note that when buying a rug, it’s better to go bigger. Make sure that at least the two front legs of your living room furniture or dining chairs sit on the rug.

Whatever your style or palette, an area rug can either make or break the room so make sure you make the most of your space.