Divide and Conquer

One can’t deny the perks of working from home during these strange times of isolation, however, if you find yourself sharing your space with your partner and/or kids, and crave privacy, we’ve come up with great ideas to create zones just for you.

Shut them off (Temporarily)

Bi-folding doors divide spaces and stack back neatly when open to create one larger open-plan space. You don’t have to choose clear glass when trying to keep the noise at bay from the other side of the room, you can also create more privacy by choosing solid materials, frosted or ribbed glass to let the light-in.

Buy the Bureau

If you love free-standing furniture, a bureau could be your new best friend. Pull up a chair when using the desk and fold the sleeve shut when your day is done. Stack beautiful books, ornaments and a lamp on top of the piece to turn the piece of furniture into a focal point.

Draw the Curtain

If you’ve designated the kitchen table as your new office and are embarrassed by the piled-up dishes appearing in the corner of your Zoom call, why not have some custom made curtains ordered? You could even speak to our team about using two different fabrics; one colour on one side and another colour on the other.

Nook & Cranny

Utilise your home’s architecture to its max by turning obscure spaces into practical ones. The cupboard under the stairs is a cosy and quirky place to start. Make sure you have a table lamp or wall lamp ready for those darker days.

The Occasional Table

Why not frequent the occasional table placed in the corner of the room more frequently? Move aside the bits and bobs and pull up the chair for the day. If it’s a room you may have to share with the family (like the living room) why not invest in good earphones for everyone…This means that you can get on with your work and they can get on with whatever episode of Netflix is next.

Console the Console

Next time you come in the front door or past the console table on your landing, think about how it can accommodate your new needs. Other than holding your key’s, a couple of lamps and a bold piece of art, is there a plug nearby for you to plug-in your laptop? Just remember that console tables are a little higher than desks so you might want to place an additional cushion on that chair.

Apart from clear communication with your household as to which room you’ll be using, muffling noise with fabric curtains can not only keep the sound at bay but it can also send clear signals that you have occupied that specific space. Your Zoom colleagues will not be able to see what’s going on as we hope you’ll be smart enough to place your mic on mute until your housemates have moved onto another room.