Interior Inspo from our new BFF - Netflix!

We don’t know about you but we’ve spent so much time with Netflix recently that we’re considering her our new BFF. We laugh, we cry, we drool over food shows together…She always has something new and exciting to show us yet we know we can go to her to take a trip down memory lane with some old classics.

Behind the gripping dramas, the whimsical storylines, the beautiful cast members, are some of the most stunning interiors we’ve seen in a long time. From dramatic to discreet, the backdrops of these stories are an added treat from our new bestie who just keeps giving.
We’ve picked out our favourite interior looks from our most recent binge-worthy watches. CAUTION! Spoiler Alert!


Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey in this beautifully made and very bingeable series by the legend that is Shonda Rhimes. So bingeable in fact, that it was streamed in 63 million homes worldwide over the Christmas period. While watching the characters scheme, plot and fall in and out of love, we also get a look inside the stunning London “townhouses” (i.e. mansions) of the upper class in the early 1800’s. The fabrics and furnishings are to die for, if you ever wanted inspiration for sheers and curtains on sash windows, here it is! We can learn a lot from an age where everything was made to measure and indeed you too can recreate it.

At Stitched, we custom make all of our curtains and blinds, and while we cannot guarantee a fake French accent á la Mme Delacroix when you order with us, we can be sure that your made to measure curtains will be worthy of a nod from the Queen!

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The Queen’s Gambit

At the outset, there’s not much to draw us to this series, set in 1950’s/1960’s America. It’s about chess. One episode in however, and we were hooked. Centering around the life of the talented Beth Harmon, we follow her journey from an austere orphanage in the US all over the world to Mexico, Paris and Moscow. While the hotels are really exceptional, it is Beth’s adoptive home that really steals the show. Clashing floral prints and fabrics, floor to ceiling checkered wallpaper, bold colours throughout - this reads like a hot mess but in reality it works! We’re also treated to a wonderful example of how to use curtains as room dividers.

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The Crown

The eagerly anticipated Season 4 of the Crown landed last month and we have to say, we were not disappointed. Fictional or not, what we particularly enjoy is the recreation of Buckingham and Sandringham Palaces, along with other royal residences. We get many opportunities to get a sneak peak into their bedrooms giving us proof that one is never too old for a princess bed! - now there’s some bed canopy inspo!


Taking on a double Oscar winning Hitchcock remake is no easy feat but director Ben Wheatley took it and ran with it. Set in the 1940’s, we follow a whirlwind romance between a young woman (Lily James) and her chance meeting of a handsome widower (Armie Hammer) in the south of France. While the hotel where they meet is opulent in itself, it doesn’t even begin to prepare us for the grandeur of Manderly House where they begin their married life. Exquisite hallways with gold ceilings, black and white marble flooring, a great room filled with ancestral portraits, a hall of mirrors type wardrobe… this is the stuff of dreams! This all culminates in the magnificent, perfectly preserved (by the very creepy house manager played by Kristen Scott-Thomas) bedroom of Mr DeWinter’s late wife. Stunning!

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