Mirror, Mirror...

From the tales of reflections in the Grimm Brother’s Snow White or in the story of Narcissus and water, overtime, reflections and mirrors haven’t just served our vanity but are beautiful and practical surfaces in our homes.

Mirror as Art

Don’t overlook the power of a gorgeous frame when decorating your home. The selection of frame finishes are vast and include, paint, wood, gilt, metal, silver and gold. Should you have a void on your walls and are looking to dress it with something eye-catching, a framed mirror can be just as gorgeous as a portrait…think about the content in the frame. If you are using the mirror to see your own reflection, make sure you get at least your shoulders in frame.


When it comes to bathrooms, most couples prefer a double vanity or sink but if you are short on space, think about positioning your vanity back to back and away from the walls of your bathroom. A clever double-sided mirror suspended from the ceiling, makes the room seem bigger and serves both sinks.


Think outside the box when designing your home. Doorways or cupboard doors can also be used to mount flush and sleek mirrors. If you think about it, they are at the best height and are in perfect proportions to reflect your whole body…tip to toe.

Chic Niches

When it comes to niches, antique mirror covering the entire surface is such a chic way to make your small space seem so much larger without being too obvious, crisp or harsh. Whilst still able to reflect light, the texture and depth give an aged feel. The patina and speckled flecks are great at hiding small marks and dust so should be considered as a kitchen backsplash or behind built-in bookcases for that airy feel.

Small on space, big on style

Using a mirror to cover an entire wall can make a room seem double in size. If you can’t afford the larger mirror panels, use smaller panels. This gives a lovely patterned effect whilst still remaining smart. Mirrored walls are best positioned facing a widow to both reflect the light and pretty outdoor scenery.


Using a combination of made to measure curtains and mirror, you can create a space that is cosy, warm and inviting. The softness of a curtain draped and tied-back over a large sheet of mirror can trick the eye into thinking your home has an additional room.

Pride of Place

Positioning a mirror over a fireplace can elevate your room. It’s a fantastic way to disperse light and create a touch of elegance. A mirror in the pride of place is deserving of an eye-catching frame. Covering the entire chimneypiece in a flush mirror makes the protruding fireplace seem more slender and takes up less space. Hanging piece of art over a wall or surface covered in a mirror a tactical way to get the best out of both worlds.

There are so many tricks a mirror can perform that not only make space seem larger but also lightens any home.

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