Space Savers and Storage Solutions

Do you find the older you get, the more stuff you have and the more space you need? Without having to ‘Marie Kondo’ your home, we’ve come up with ideas to maximise on space for your home to feel clutter-free.

Awkward Advantage

Odd corners and obscure walls can be used to your advantage when it comes to storage. Think about adding shelves to transform the space into a focal point. By adding led lighting within the shelves, you can change the whole mood of your room whilst practically housing your books and objects. If you don’t fancy looking at your stuff the whole time, think about placing a custom made curtain in front of the shelves. You can even get fancy and create a curved unit with a curved curtain rod for a softer look.

Under The Stairs

The cupboard under the stairs is often a storage cupboard, a cloakroom or access to the basement, however, it never seems to be utilised to its full potential. Have you ever thought about adding drawers for all the bits and bobs (like your shoes) you may need easy access to?

Reinvent the Kitchen Cupboard

Whether it’s the coffee station or the entire kitchen you are looking to hide away, placing the practical room behind kitchen cupboards is a wonderful way to keep your space looking neat and tidy. This is a particularly good idea if you live in a studio flat or if you have an open plan space and entertain often. You can just close the doors to deal with the mess the next day.

The Hidden Office

Remember the days when you could leave your work at the office? Well, with so many more people having to work from home more often now, having your workspace compactly stored behind cupboard doors allows you to forget about your to-do list once those doors are shut. Out of sight, out of mind!

The Tiny Bedroom

When it comes to small bedrooms, its important to go the extra mile in making them cosy. Sometimes in smaller spaces, it works out in your favour to go bold, whether that be in colour or in the bed treatments by custom making curtains to create a canopy. By using a bed skirt or valance, you can hide away your seasonal gear and by creating recessed shelves, you’ll give the space a well-designed feel without having to hit your head on a corner. Think about using the walls and mounting pieces like reading lights them.

Look Up

Using your ceiling to maximise your space should not be overlooked. This is especially the case in laundry rooms or kitchens. Think about having a chic clothes hanger to dry your clothes on or hooks above a central island in a kitchen to hang your wares from. Simple pully systems on ropes can make everything easy to reach.

Compact Furniture

Whether it’s a retro G-Plan dining table with chairs that tuck in seamlessly under the table or built-in seating (with storage), make sure you re-think your furniture, especially your dining furniture to work for your space.

We’ve put cleaver storage solutions down to utilising every nook and cranny, multi-functionality and the ability to hide and showcase whatever, whenever suits you!