Spring Has Sprung: 3 Ways to Embrace Spring in your Home

Spring is officially here, the trees are coming into leaf and in these precious few months, full of 4 day weeks and longer evenings we get a rare chance to relax, take stock and look forward to the long summer ahead. We love the opportunities presented by a new season and our design team offers the following suggestions to Stitchers to welcome Spring and Summer into your homes….

Aqua blue blackout roman blinds in white bedroom


Bring the outside in

Many gardeners will tell you that this is the most exciting time of the year. Plants and trees suddenly leap into life and gardens begin to look green and vibrant. You can mirror the magic that’s happening outside by bringing bulbs, flowers and foliage inside. Although faux plants and flowers are becoming increasingly popular, at Curtains Dubai we love all things natural.

As with our approach to most things, we like to keep arrangements simple. Groupings of Spring flowers in jam jars arranged down the centre of the table, make an effective display for a long, leisurely lunch. If picking from the garden, leave the leaves behind to provide bulbs with the energy they need to produce flowers next year. A large shallow bowl of narcissus - bulbs exposed - on the hall table will greet visitors with a fabulous scent as well as a beautiful sight. Or, why not opt for something sculptural in the form of twigs, dotted with blossom. These make for an effective, informal Spring wreath too.

Close up of white roller blind


Let vegetables take centre stage

With the publication of his new book ‘GreenFeast’, Nigel Slater is the latest in a long line of chefs and food writers to extol the culinary virtues of vegetables. At this time of year, the first peas from the garden start to come through, as well as early radishes and the first spears of asparagus. Rocket, spring onions, sorrel and purple sprouting broccoli are all in season and one of the most prized potatoes – the Jersey Royal – is at its best. All great to try over a long weekend.

French door with white roller blind pulled halfway


Take stock of your indoors

Now is a good time to think about any decorative changes you would like to make indoors. In addition to a Spring clean, do any rooms need a more radical overall? Sometimes, simply moving furniture around provides a space with a new lease of life but it may be that you need to give some attention to your windows.

When designing a room, a new blind or pair of curtains often provides that fresh uplift we are all looking for at this time of year. A well-chosen curtain or blind will frame your view of the great outdoors as nature bursts into full bloom as Spring marches boldly into Summer.

New curtains and blinds call for careful consideration. To make an informed choice, you’ll want to see how different fabrics look and feel, as well as visualise how the curtains or blinds might look in your home. You’ll need to consider practicalities like light and blackout, we think the best solution is to allow maximum natural light in during the day but also minimise it during those precious early hours in the morning.

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