All to know about Curtains & Blinds

The terminology of curtains and blinds can get a little confusing, so we’ve created a handy glossary to make it easy to understand.

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A type of lining with an extra layer of fabric that stops light peeping through your windows so that you can have a cozy and cold room space perfect for a sound sleep.


Fittings that mount the blinds or curtain poles and tracks in position.


The combination of colours in which a curtain/blind fabric style is available.


Another word for curtains and blinds. Taken from the concept of draping a window.

Face Fabric

The fabric that you have chosen for a perfect window treatment, glancing at the windows of your room.


A flat, round or pointed-shaped metal screwed into a curtain pole at both ends to contain the rings.

Flush Window

A window which is set centre levelled with the wall.


The top end of a curtain

Inside the recess

Installing a blind/curtain inside the window ‘box’.

Outside the recess

Installing a blind outside and above the window ‘box’.


A luxurious lining: an additional layer of fabric between the ordinary lining and the face fabric.


A layer of fabric used at the back of both curtains and blinds for thickness and provide protection. Curtains Dubai offers 5 different types of lining.


A box-type feature covering the heading and track of a curtain. The equivalent fabric is called a valance.


Even folds throughout in a curtain to add fullness.


The amount of extra fabric at the curtain bottom at floor level.


When the window is a little backed off from the main wall.

Roller Blinds

One flat piece of material wrapped around a tube/rod that can be raised or lowered with a chain.

Roman Blinds

Elegant flat-panel blinds meant for light control and privacy, which form horizontal folds when open.


Wooden panels fixed inside or outside a window/door that can be tilted to control light and view the outside world.

Skylight Blinds

Thin filmed window blinds designed to fit inside a skylight or Velux window.


The folds of a curtain at the side of a window/door when it is pulled completely open.


A gathered band of fabric hiding a curtain track and heading, equivalent to a pelmet in function.


Horizontal, overlapping slats that can be tilted to control the light and provide privacy and be put at any height.


Sheer fabric that is used alongside curtains and blinds for privacy.