Installing Poles

Step 01: Cutting the poles to the desired size.

Curtains with a width less than 2.4m

  1. Your pole may arrive as a single piece.

  1. Mark the total width of your curtain width on your pole(both curtains if you have a pair)

  1. Cut your pole down to size with a hacksaw

Curtains MORE than 2.4m wide

  1. For a width of more than 2.4 m, the pole will arrive as 2 pieces.

  1. Find half of the total width of your curtain (curtain width divided by 2).

  1. Mark this value on each pole.

  1. Cut each pole down to the required size.

Step 02: Installing Brackets

  1. Measure the length of the arrived curtains from the floor and thus mark the installation height accordingly.

  1. Trace the installation height and points for each brackets such that brackets for particular curtains are no more than 120cm apart.

  1. Considering the installation height, mark the drill holes
  1. Carefully drill your holes with a suitable masonry drill attached to your driller in accordance with the wall type.

  • Drilling into brick, concrete, stone, or tile Use a 5.5mm masonry drill bit and appropriate anchors and screws, and insert rawl plugs into them

  • Drilling into plasterboard: Use an ordinary 5.5mm drill bit or Ramset 10 mm grip hollow wall anchor and insert rawl plugs

  • Drilling into timber: Use an ordinary 2mm drill bit to create a pre-drill pilot hole and use screws

Alert For poles over 2m, it is mandatory to mount the centre bracket so that the pole is in level with the side brackets.

Step 03: Mounting your poles

  1. Place the pole ends on the holder cup of each side bracket and slide them into the pole. Only the pole end should rest on the side bracket, not the pole. For longer poles, it may rest on the middle bracket.