Track Installation

Step 01: Cutting the tracks to the desired size

Curtains with a width less than 2.4m

  1. Your track will arrive in one piece

  1. Calculate the total width of your curtain or a pair of curtain that is to be hanged in a track and mark it.

  1. Cut your track down to this size with a hacksaw.

Curtains with a width of more than 2.4m

  1. For a width of more than 2.4 m, the track will arrive as 2 pieces.

  1. Find half of the total width of your curtain (curtain width divided by 2).

  1. Mark this value on each track.

  1. Cut each track down to this size.

Step 02: Mounting your track onto the wall

  1. Measure the length of the arrived curtains from the floor and thus mark the installation height accordingly.

  1. Trace the installation height and points for each brackets such that brackets for particular curtains are no more than 120cm apart.

  1. Hold the bracket against the wall in such a way that the bottom of your bracket lines up with your installation height and mark your drill holes.

  1. Carefully drill your holes with a suitable masonry drill attached to your driller.

Now depending on the surface on which the blind is to be mounted, the drilling procedure varies.

  • Now depending on the surface on which the blind is to be mounted, the drilling procedure varies.

  • Drilling into plasterboard: Use an ordinary 5.5mm drill bit or Ramset 10 mm grip hollow wall anchor and insert rawl plugs

  • Drilling into timber: Use an ordinary 2mm drill bit to create a pre-drill pilot hole and use screws

  1. Screw your brackets into the wall and mount your track by manually holding it in position and sliding the arm of the bracket under the lip of the track so that it could hold the track and then tighten the fastening screw.

Step 03: Joining pieces

  1. Insert the magnet plate into your track, center it and then tighten the grub screw. Finish the installation procedure by placing the front plate onto your track which will be held in position by the magnet.

Bending bay window tracks

How to bend a track?

  1. Identify the front and back of the track.

  1. Measure out each bend of your bay and mark it on the track.

  1. Gently bend the track on your knee. Please note to bend the track only slightly at the first try as the track won’t easily bend back if we over bend it, then check the angle as you go and decide whether to bend more.

  1. From the track ends, trim off the excess tracks.

If there still arises a question about how to bend your tracks, contact the Curtains Dubai team who can connect you with a professional installer.

Ceiling mounted track

  1. Through the centre of your track, drill holes at 20cm intervals.

  1. Fix your track to the ceiling by screwing it directly onto the ceiling.