Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are by far the most frequently chosen type of indoor window covering. The modern and easy-calibrated roller blinds blend sleek designs with high standard quality and functionality to ensure that you are comfortable in your attractive living and workspaces. Roller blinds achieve various degrees of transparency depending on the fabric used. These blinds can quickly transform the look of your space by adding a stylish and fascinating look.

The Dual Banded Roller Blind from Curtains Dubai offers a distinctively modern and contemporary look along with meeting the needs of light and privacy control. This blind has provision for filtering the light by adjusting the dual shading thereby ensuring perfect privacy with light allowance into the room if required. The alternate bands of fabric and sheer assure privacy along with a view-through option to the outside with complete control of sunrays and privacy. The roller blind can be calibrated in such a way that the sheer between the solid bands of fabric enables illuminating the room space with light from outside and at the same time providing a distinctive and elegant look to the interior with the lined window treatment.

Roller Blinds from Hillarys Roller Blinds from Hillarys

However, our roller blinds Dubai collection also has a vast selection of colours and fabrics in both narrow or broad bands. And our shades, when not required, fold up into a roll offering us an unobstructed view. Moreover, our roller blind material ranges from airy light filtering fabric to non-privacy thin films to complete blackout blinds.

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