Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from natural fabric or materials jute, bamboo, or seagrass and hence have an unique and intricate finish. A wide variety of styles and patterns of Roman blinds are available all over the world, the one thing that they share in common is that a Roman blind if raised, it folds into itself, thereby consuming less space and providing more appeal. The operation of a roman blind is almost similar to that of a Venetian blind. Both lined and unlined patterns of Roman shades are available to meet different needs. A lined roman blind often provides additional features and suits the needs of blackout and thermal blinds.

Curtains Dubai is a leading manufacturer of made-to-measure Roman Blinds in Dubai. Handmade by our talented team in our workshops in Dubai, our Roman Blinds showcases expertise in tailored craftsmanship. We perfectly craft, carefully pack and deliver these masterpieces at your doorsteps.

Roman Blinds from Hillarys Roman Blinds from Hillarys

High quality, soft and lustrous materials are tried and tested for various manufacturing methods of our magnificent Roman Blinds and hence we can guarantee you that they are highly efficient and durable.

We offer you the widest range of Roman blinds in Dubai. A wide array of fabrics, designs, colours, and textures are available in our store from which you could select your favourite. Our blinds not just meet the functionality, but also make sure that they meet the aesthetic standards of the room. Every season we update our products by introducing the latest patterns and designs on our exclusive fabrics carefully curated by our workshop experts.

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